Press ReleasesPS&H Attorney Christian Capizzo Serves As Instructor At NEEP In-State Regional Training

May 14, 20190

The Northeast Environmental Enforcement Project (NEEP) provides professional training services to their membership, which is comprised on professional staff from governmental agencies that are responsible for enforcing laws and regulations pertaining to environmental protection.

The NEEP in-state regional training session for Rhode Island, Environmental Compliance Inspection and Enforcement Training, takes place on May 13th and 14th at the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management in Providence. Topics covered in the training include:

  • Conducting a Compliance Inspection;
  • Documenting the Inspection;
  • De-Escalation Techniques and Communication Skills for Professionals in the Workplace;
  • Courtroom Testimony.

PS&H Attorney, Christian Capizzo, will serve as an instructor for the Courtroom Testimony portion of the training, on May 14th.

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