Effective as of January 1, 2023, amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) went into effect that impose additional obligations on businesses to safeguard the privacy of consumers’ personal information. The CCPA already provided consumers with a variety of rights, including the right to know the personal information collected about them, how...

PSH attorneys Paul Kessimian and Dan Marran published an article for the American Bar Association’s Commercial & Business Litigation Committee: “Rule 26(e) Supplementation of Expert Reports: Not As Easy As It May Look.” The article breaks down what to think about when you think about supplementation: Does the supplemental opinion evaluate new evidence that was unavailable at the time...

On October 24, 2022, the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts amended its zoning code to abolish all minimum parking requirements. Previously, the Cambridge regulation required all new multi-family residential developments to have at least one off-street parking space per unit. The Cambridge City Council’s amendment eliminated this requirement for all multi-family developments comprised of more than...

PSH Partner, and Employment & Labor Chair, Alicia J. Samolis was recently interviewed by Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly regarding a new First Circuit Case regarding associational discrimination under Title VII. First Circuit case Frith, et al. v. Whole Market, Inc., et al. arose when both black and non-black Whole Foods employees wore “black lives matter” masks to...

PS&H partner Alicia Samolis recently was consulted by Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly to analyze the 1st Circuit case Waters v. Day & Zimmermann NPS, Inc., 20-1997. Background In the case, Defendant Day & Zimmerman (“D&Z”) is a Delaware company with a principal place of business in Pennsylvania. D&Z was sued in the federal Massachusetts District Court by Waters, an...

Associate Justice Brian P. Stern of the Rhode Island Superior Court recently issued a notable decision arising from a receiver’s sale of commercial real estate in Providence, Rhode Island. The Decision, entitled Rialto Capital Advisors LLC v. Robert Day, LLC, C.A. No. PC-2020-06964 (R.I. Super. Dec. 22, 2021, Stern, J.), is linked here. The Decision explains...

COVID-19 has made remote work more prevalent. Employers considering making these work-from-home arrangements permanent need to be prepared for the compliance issues that arise when the remote work crosses state lines. PS&H attorneys Russell Stein and Alicia Samolis were recently interviewed by Providence Business News to discuss some of these concerns. As Russell and Alicia explain, when...

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