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Higher Education and Independent Schools

Partridge Snow & Hahn is the leading choice for higher education institutions seeking exceptional and reliable legal counsel. Our expert legal services provide counsel to academic entities and individuals within the educational environment. We are dedicated to ensuring compliance with evolving legal frameworks while prioritizing our commitment to client-centric values. At Partridge Snow & Hahn, we meticulously attend to the specific needs of our clients, offering strategic solutions and impactful legal representation to ensure success within the educational sector.

We have experience representing both public and private institutions and institutional foundations. Our experience touches a multitude of areas, including:

  • Assisting boards and committees with the review and update of bylaws and policies. reflecting developments in federal and state law in all fifty states, and training for a variety of corporate governance issues.
  • Assistance with campus reconfiguration, including acquisition of land and evaluation of easement rights, zoning and leasing.
  • Review of solar energy contracts and considerations under the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Assist with issues around data privacy, including donor privacy and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  • Comprehensive employment counsel, including policies, employee discipline and discharge decisions, harassment complaints and leaves of absence.
  • Development of policies surrounding acceptable use of intellectual property by staff and professors.
  • Advising institutions around acquisition of strategic assets to further university and school mission space.
  • Developing relationships and memorandum delineating relationships with religious entities on campus.
  • Navigating issues surrounding fundraising and restricted fund use in the aftermath of changes in affirmative action policies.
  • Advising college leadership as to legal and practical implementation issues around comprehensive campaigns and capital campaigns.

8. Managing employee performance effectively and legally (Management Training)- Coaches managers as to legal and effective daily feedback, appropriate documentation, when to involve Human Resources as to performance difficulties, how to evaluate performance, conduct issues, evaluations and performance reviews, and compensation decisions.
9. How to Manage Employee Time (Manager Training) – Ensuring accurate time records, reviewing time records, preventing off-the clock work, lunch breaks and other legal breaks.
10. All employee training – Discrimination, Harassment and Policy Review
11. Human Resources Training – Employee Compensation (Equal Pay and/or Exempt Status)
12. Human Resources Training – Terminations
13. Human Resources Training – Working Time
14. Human Resources Training – Wage Payment Issues
15. Human Resources Training – Investigations and Documentation
16. Human Resources Training – Medical Leaves and Protected Leaves

Add-on Topics

Add on topics can be full trainings (and should be if the item is a real issue at the Company). Generally one or two topics can be added to a core training and briefly covered.

  1. Whistleblowing
  2. Retaliation
  3. Apparent Authority / Binding the Company
  4. Medical Confidentiality
  5. Medical Inquiries
  6. Issue Spotting – leaves/accommodations
  7. Ensuring Accurate Time Records of Nonexempt Employees – Spotting Off the Clock Work

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