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“Corrosion” and “Sudden and Accidental” in Context of Pollution-Exclusion Clause under RI Law”
May 2014

Drew W. Colby

In Nunez v. Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (No. 2013-129-Appeal), the Rhode Island Supreme Court looked at the terms “corrosion” and “sudden and accidental” in the context of an oil leak on an insured’s premises.

“Awarding Authority Can Look Beyond DCAM Materials When Determining “Responsible” Bidder”
May 2014

Drew W. Colby

The highest Court in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (“SJC”)

“The War on Charity: Nonprofits Should Take a Page from the For-Profit Handbook to Survive & Thrive”
April 2014

Nonprofit organizations do good, improve lives, strengthen communities, and lighten the burdens of government and society as a whole.

“Snooping e-Mail Case”
April 2014

Drew W. Colby

Tempted to snoop on someone’s emails; perhaps to gain advantage in a dispute? DON’T DO IT. The Stored Communications Act (“SCA”) prohibits unauthorized access to web-based email accounts.

“Massachusetts SJC Rules on Effect of 90/150-Day Right to Cure Notice on Validity of Foreclosure”
April 2014

David J. Pellegrino

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Rules That Failure To Strictly Comply With The Statutory Notice of Right To Cure Does Not Automatically Void A Foreclosure Sale

“Usury Savings Clauses No Longer Save Lenders”
March 2014

Richard Nadeau

Commercial lenders in Rhode Island may no longer rely upon a Usury Savings Clause in loan documents. Most commercial loan documents contain such a clause

“Does Your Company Have An Information Security Program? Is it Up To Date?”
February 2014

John E. Ottaviani

The data breaches that Target, Michael’s, Nieman Marcus and other large companies have suffered recently have gained a great deal of attention in the media.

“President’s New “MyRA” Initiative: the Good, the Bad, and the Unknown”
January 2014

In the State of the Union Address, President Obama announced that he has directed the IRS, through executive action, to create a new savings vehicle called “MyRA” (pronounced like “IRA”).

“Rhode Island Regulator to Seek Legislation Imposing Licensing for Mortgage Loan Servicers”
January 2014

At the January 28, 2014 meeting of the Rhode Island Governor’s Insurance Council, Joseph Torti III, Deputy Director and Superintendent of Banking for the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation (the “DBR”)

“Make a New Year’s Resolution to Review Your Estate Plan in 2014”
January 2014

Each year, at this time, we remind our clients of the importance of keeping their estate plan up to date. Estate planning goals change over time for many reasons.

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