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“Harsh & Costly Lesson from Unilateral Use of E-Discovery Tools”
September 2014

Paul M. Kessimian
Christopher M. Wildenhain

As technological developments have greatly expanded the world of available information, the cost of harvesting electronically stored information (ESI) has risen exponentially.

“Snooping e-Mail Case”
April 2014

Drew W. Colby

Tempted to snoop on someone’s emails; perhaps to gain advantage in a dispute? DON’T DO IT. The Stored Communications Act (“SCA”) prohibits unauthorized access to web-based email accounts.

“e-Discovery Update: Avoid Sanctions by Appropriately Preserving Electronically Stored Information”
July 2013

Paul M. Kessimian
Christopher M. Wildenhain

A 2013 ruling from the Rhode Island Superior Court illustrates the necessity of preserving potentially relevant information in the face of pending or threatened litigation

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