Trusts & Estates

The Trusts & Estates Group represents a wide variety of individual clients in providing counsel on personal and estate planning matters, including wealth preservation, intra-family asset transfers, probate and taxation issues. Of particular interest to many of our clients are gifting and wealth strategies under the 2010 Tax Relief Act.  In addition, we advise families with developmentally challenged members on the benefits of creating Supplemental needs Trusts (SNT), commonly known as Special Needs Trusts.  We regularly advise corporate fiduciaries regarding estate and trust administration matters.

Our attorneys have significant experience in the planning and implementation of complex estate and business succession matters. We represent fiduciaries with respect to probate matters, including guardianship and estate administration. In conjunction with the Firm’s Litigation Group attorneys, we handle estate and trust litigation at both the probate and superior court levels, including will contests and fiduciary liability matters. We administer revocable and irrevocable trusts, including Crummey trusts. We also provide counsel to several local charities and charitable foundations regarding compliance, trust administration and gift giving issues.

Working as a team, our lawyers understand the importance of a coordinated effort in order to render responsive and cost-effective services using the resources of the Firm’s talented professionals, including experienced attorneys and skilled paralegals.

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Stepping Stones Newsletters:

Autumn 2013
~Will the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax Affect You? Will It Affect Your Trust?
~Things to Consider Before Taking on the Role of Trustee
~Estate Planning Tips For Artists, Composers and Authors

Summer 2013
~Consider Capital Gains Taxes When Gifting
~Estate Planning for Digital Assets
~An Alert for Life Insurance Trusts: Administration Counts

Spring 2013
~Planning Under the New Federal Estate Tax Laws
~Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes:  Important Income Tax Law Changes Under the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
~A Life Insurance Review Can Provide Positive Investment and Planning Results

Autumn 2012
~ Considerations as to Use of Multiple Financial Advisors
~ Massachusetts Adopts Uniform Trust Code
~ Expiring Federal Gift Exemption Provides Opportunities: Creating Trusts that Survive the Reciprocal Trust Doctrine

Summer 2012
~ "Teach Your Children About Philanthropy"
~ "Wealth Transfer: Speaking to Children"
~ "Talking to Your Parents About Estate Planning"

Spring 2012
~ "Expiring Federal Transfer Tax Provisions Provide Opportunities: Why Give Them Up to Uncle Sam?"
~ "Powers of Attorney - Sign Early, Review Often"
~ "Trust Planning for the S Corporation Owner"

Winter 2011
~ "Asset Protection for the Generations"
~ "Planning to Preserve a Child’s Inheritance in the Event of a Divorce"
~ "Trust Solutions for Developmentally Challenged Beneficiaries"

Autumn 2011 
~ "Donor-Advised Fund or Private Foundation?"
~ "Fundamentals of Family Foundations"
~ "Nine Tips for the Preparation of Form 990"

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