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“Supreme Court Rules Inherited IRAs Available to Creditors in Bankruptcy”
June 2014

On June 12, 2014 the United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in Clark v. Rameker, 13-299, ruling that inherited IRA accounts are available to creditors in bankruptcy.

“When it Comes to Volunteers and Unpaid Interns There is No Such Thing As a Free Lunch”
June 2014

Alicia J. Samolis
Michael A. Gamboli
Kimberly I. McCarthy

It is summertime and the schools are out. You get a call from an eager college student offering to intern at your company for free.

“Rhode Island 2015 FY Budget - Elder Care Planning Techniques and State Estate Tax Revisions”
June 2014

The revised House budget (H-7133 Sub A) impacts the areas of estate planning and elder care planning in two important ways.

“Where in the Rhode Island FY 2015 Budget Are Historic Tax Credits?”
June 2014

Richard Nadeau

The House has voted to approve Rhode Island’s FY 2015 budget and many are asking why the historic tax credit (“HTC”) program funding vanished.

“Rhode Island 2015 FY Budget - Corporate Tax Rate Reduced to 7% Effective 1/1/15”
June 2014

Kimberly I. McCarthy

Corporate Rate will be the Lowest in the Region; Funded by Combined Reporting

“New Standard for Environmental Assessments Gaining Traction”
June 2014

Travis J. McDermott

The American Society for Testing and Materials ("ASTM") standard for Environmental Assessments was revised in 2013 for the first time since 2005.

“Corrosion” and “Sudden and Accidental” in Context of Pollution-Exclusion Clause under RI Law”
May 2014

Drew W. Colby

In Nunez v. Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (No. 2013-129-Appeal), the Rhode Island Supreme Court looked at the terms “corrosion” and “sudden and accidental” in the context of an oil leak on an insured’s premises.

“Awarding Authority Can Look Beyond DCAM Materials When Determining “Responsible” Bidder”
May 2014

Drew W. Colby

The highest Court in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (“SJC”)

“The War on Charity: Nonprofits Should Take a Page from the For-Profit Handbook to Survive & Thrive”
April 2014

Kimberly I. McCarthy

Nonprofit organizations do good, improve lives, strengthen communities, and lighten the burdens of government and society as a whole.

“Snooping e-Mail Case”
April 2014

Drew W. Colby

Tempted to snoop on someone’s emails; perhaps to gain advantage in a dispute? DON’T DO IT. The Stored Communications Act (“SCA”) prohibits unauthorized access to web-based email accounts.


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